Black Humanists Network

We live in a white-dominated society. In many ways, the secular community maintains dominant culture's white-centered structure. The Black Humanists Network is a virtual space conceived in response to frequent inquiries from those within the Black community seeking connection with likeminded Black people to discuss issues at the intersection of race and humanism from a Black nontheist perspective.

This Black Humanists Network provides an interactive fellowship that connects Black humanists scattered across the US (and elsewhere) who desire community but have no physical group in their area.

BHN is a space for Black folk that identify as humanist or are curious about exploring Black-centered secular humanism.

Topics we explore include being Black and unchurched, what it means to be Black and godless, social activism, issues stemming from anti-black racism, religiosity and dealing with religious family members, self-care strategies, and ways to cultivate Black humanist culture. 

The next Black Humanists Network virtual meet up will be Friday, December 15th @ 7pm ET.