Explore some of our humanist engagement within both ethical and secular community events as well as public social justice activism.

'We don't condone bloodshed' in Black Lives Matter movement

Ashton Woods - MSNBC Live (7/10/16). Ashton P. Woods, a leader of Black Lives Matter in Texas, discusses if the movement has been jeopardized in the wake of the attack in Dallas and what he knows about the shooter, Micah Johnson.

Sikivu Hutchinson - American Atheists National Convention @ Salt Lake City (4/19/14).

Sikivu Hutchinson, Ph.D., is the author of Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars and Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels. She is the founder of Black Skeptics L.A. and the Women’s Leadership Project, a feminist humanist mentoring program. She was named Secular Women’s 2013 “Woman of the Year.”

Anthony Pinn - Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago (9/14/14). An expert in African American religion and humanism, Pinn described how the issues of human suffering and material need prompted his leaving the evangelical ministry. He discussed how his intellectual development and social life led him to rethink his beliefs and move on from a preoccupation with personal salvation and assurances of eternal life.

#MillionsMarchTexas - In My Words
Ashton Woods - #MillionsMarchTexas Rally @ Austin (1/17/15). Woods gives a speech on intersectional justice and representing the LGBTQ community.

Race & Intersectionality in the Atheist Movement

Secular Social Justice conference @ Houston (1/30/16). Panel discusses intersectionality, humanism, social justice and how these matters relate to the atheist movement. Panel features Jimmie Luthuli, Juhem Navarro-Rivera, Sincere Kirabo, Alix Jules, Frank Anderson, Daniel Myatt, Georgina Capetillo and Vince Wang.

Humanism & Hip Hop

Secular Social Justice conference @ Houston (1/30/16). Panel discusses the parallels between humanism and hip hop from a historical and academic perspective. Panel features Anthony Pinn, Monica Miller, Jason Jeffries and Xandelyn Wright.

How Black Bodies Challenge Humanist Ethics

Anthony Pinn -  New York Society for Ethical Culture @ New York (4/15/12). Pinn urges humanists not to ignore race but to appreciate life's diversity and give all their rights and space to thrive.

"Jesus is All You Need," and Other Lies the Church Tells Black Women

Candace Gorham - Freethought Festival 4 @ University of Wisconsin Madison (3/14/15). Candace addresses the numerous lies peddled to Black Christian women. Though research reveals they have the lowest quality of life compared to most other demographics in the country, Black women continue to pour everything they have into church and religious practices, adversely affecting them mentally, physically, financially and socially.

What Atheists Can Learn from Hip Hop Culture

Anthony Pinn - American Atheists National Convention @ Memphis (4/4/15). Dr. Pinn shares his experiences growing up with within the Black Church and hip hop traditions. He relays how these institutions shaped who he is and gives examples of what atheists and humanists can learn from hip hop culture specifically.