Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in the Black Humanist Alliance.

Our current press releases, media, and booking information are listed below for your use. Please direct any additional requests to our communications manager, Amy Couch. If you are on a tight deadline, call the American Humanist Association office directly at (202) 238-9088 to speak with the communications associate or social justice coordinator.

We are pleased to provide additional information about our programs. Thank you!

Interview Requests

To arrange an interview with one of our spokespeople, please contact our communications manager or social justice coordinator.

Black Humanist Alliance Spokespeople

Xandelyn Wright, co-chair of the Black Humanist Alliance. Xandelyn is a secular humanist and educator whose research interests include secularism at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Christian Privilege in the Black community and Higher Education, and the role of leadership in the influence and assistance of marginalized groups in the navigation of intersections of race, gender, and religion/spirituality in school settings. She is also one of the founding members of Houston Black Non-Believers. A photo of Xandelyn for media use is available here.

Ashton Woods, co-chair of the Black Humanist Alliance. Ashton is an atheist, Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activist. Because he knows what being marginalized looks and feels like, Ashton openly identifies as gay, atheist, HIV positive and unapologetically Black. He believes justice must be intersectional and reflects this life philosophy in his involvement in racial justice, LGBTQ rights and secular activism. A photo of Ashton for media use is available here.