This is a compilation of both academic and non-academic articles and videos that unpack key issues and concepts related to the Black Humanist Alliance's social justice outreach.

While not necessarily reflecting the exact positions of the Black Humanist Alliance and the American Humanist Association, these articles get at the core concepts related to the following topics.


Examining Whiteness 
Understanding Whiteness
An Anti-Racism Curriculum
Ways Whites Avoid Responsibility For Racism
White Fragility (Journal of Critical Pedagogy)
White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo (video)

Black Lives Matter
Why "All Lives Matter" Is Bunk
Minister Asked About "All Lives Matter"
The Woman who coined #BlackLivesMatter
11 Misconceptions About BLM Movement
Why Whites Demonize The BLM Movement

Intersecting Nature of Privileges & Oppression
Why Intersectionality Can't Wait
Racism and Anti-Blackness
Ferguson must force us to face anti-blackness
What is Systemic Racism?
Systemic Racism (sociology)
Forms of Racism
Tim Wise - Frequently Asked Questions
Reverse Racism - Myth or Reality?
This Is What Reverse Racism Looks Like

White Supremacy
What Is White Supremacy?
White Supremacy: Not Just Neo-Nazis
The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness

How To Be An Ally 
The Anti-Oppression Network: Allyship
Anti-Oppression Resources & Exercises
How Privileged People Can Be Allies
11 Ways Whites Can Be Anti-Racist Allies

Restorative Justice

Mass Incarceration

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